Because this warrants a thread on here, as well.


It was recently announced that the singer Wada Kouji passed away on April 3, 2016. He had been battling cancer for 13 years. He was probably most known for countless songs from Digimon, including Seven tri ver., which came out a mere few days before his passing.

Rest in peace. May you become a happy butterfly, riding on the glittering wind in the Digital World.
Who would've thought that we'd meet here years ago, and in that time you became one of my best friends? I really love you man. I hope you have a great birthday~ I'll see you on Sunday.
Happy birthday bladesworn!

It's time to wish a happy birthday to our supreme ruler, Greg. Everyone give him free hugs.

Happy birthday, Greg!

Well, guess I'll take the honor to do this:
Happy Birthday, Kaitou Yahiko~ \(^o^)/
Hope you've a good one~
According to Sykpe, it's Kaitou Yahiko's Birthday, so....
Happy Birthday, Kaitou~ \(^o^)/
Hope you have a good one~ *Throws confetti*
...happy birthday Matze!

I realize it's probably not the 14th anymore where you are, but thanks for reminding us anyway!

(And happy belated birthday to all those (including mine) that we missed this year!)
Only a few months late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGUMI :)

(are you a boy...

...or a girl this year?)
Happy birthday blade!

Hope you'll have a good birthday today!
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